What Others Are Saying About This Case

Public Opinion is for the Johnsons!

Virginia Beach City Officials are not happy about the opinions that people have about this case. The reason they're not happy is, they're wrong and they know it but refuse to back down from a bad decision.

Look at some of the comments we have heard from around the world about Virginia Beach Animal Controls raid on the Johnson home.

Comments From Linda Johnson's Supporters
From Moggies website, United Kingdom.

Moggies comment: This only goes to show the danger when power is abused by the Authorities and Animal Control, such abuse must NOT be allowed to continue, it must be stopped. A full investigation of the events and the so called reasoning behind such abusive overuse of powers must be held in public and not behind closed doors. Those responsible for the abuse of power must be held responsible and suffer the consequences.
Linda Johnson has my full support, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and suffering she and her husband have gone through, and of course the trauma the cats have gone through too.
This is the type of abuse of power that sickens me to the very soul, sadly for America it is not an isolated case. As a so called civilised society this should NOT be happening, if we allow this to go away quietly without any repercussions for the Authorities and Animal Control then we only have ourselves to blame when our freedoms are gone forever.

What others have had to say:

"It is a horrible injustice. It reminds me of the situation here where one person complains and all the cats get killed. Its the same twisted logic all over again"

"you people should rot in hell for what you have done to these people, let alone these 96 precious, innocent cats. What a disgrace you are to the human population to do such a thing!"

"Appauling to read. What a disgrace to your country! I cannot imagine anyone being treated like this by the RSPCA. I am disgusted by what I have read. The Johnsons are a credit to society and a model of human kindness and compassion"

"It seems to me that Animal Control and the "Powers That Be" don't want to admit they screwed up & return the cats to their rightful home. It's disgusting that they are even considering condemning these poor creatures to death instead of returning them to where they are loved and wanted."

"I don't understand why a more thorough investigation wasn't undertaken. How can anyone conclude that these cats are in a better situation now? It is shameful & disgraceful that these caring people and the animals they have devoted themselves to are now being persecuted."

"In their search for hype, glory and HEADLINES, Virginia Beach Animal Control disregarded THEIR OWN PROCEDURE, Walked all over Linda Johnson's rights and as a result, all of the Johnson's cats are being held in conditions that can only be described as cruel and neglectful. As a Virginia Beach resident, I am ashamed of our City Governement for allowing this injustice to happen and appalled at them for allowing it to continue."

"I guess Virginia Beach is quite different from the more progressive cities of New York, Miami, Detroit and Houston -- anyone who watches the "animal cop" type shows knows that even in the worst situations, the investigating officers treat the humans AND animals involved with respect and compassion. Owners are told exactly what is not acceptable about their specific situation, how to meet the city's expectations and regulations, and given a generous chance to comply. This whole situation is a total embarrassment for the whole Hampton Roads area and a tragedy to animal rescue volunteers everywhere, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE JOHNSONS DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. Fix this situation and apologize to the Johnsons for the hell you've put them through."

"This incident is a travesty - waste of resources,time & money. Shame on the police & animal control for jumping to conclusions over ONE complaint. What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?"

Read What Virginia Beach Residents Have Said:

City of Virginia Beach Residents have not been silent over this matter, although the City of Virginia Beach Government would like them to be silenced.

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Public Opinion is overwhelmingly against Virginia Beach City Government
Why can't they admit their mistake?