P.E.T.A.'s Smear Campaign

This is low, even for P.E.T.A

The Smear Campaign Has Begun!

In their desperation to get public opinion on their side, the Virginia Beach Department of Animal Control is reaching for straws-and the world famous animal rights extreamists from P.E.T.A. have rushed to their defense.

In an E-Mail alert sent out to their network of activists, P.E.T.A. has urged their members to write to the Virginian Pilot and speak out against Linda Johnson without any of the facts of this case.

That's just crazy! But that's P.E.T.A.

Here is the E-Mail Alert that P.E.T.A. sent out:

Subject: PETA Action Alert - 96 Cats Removed From Home
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 09:22:05 -0500
Thread-Topic: PETA Action Alert - 96 Cats Removed From Home
Thread-Index: AcPv4UKMTNNGJfqNTZyuUjVvyqbD9w==
From: "WritersNetwork"
The Virginian-Pilot printed two articles about 96 cats who were removed from a Virginia home. Animal collectors such as this couple, although well-intentioned, cannot properly care for such a high number of animals as found by investigating officers. Although collectors like the ones described in this article feel they are doing the cats a favor, they are actually trapping them into a miserable life of disease, unsanitary living, and small cages. Please write a letter to the editor supporting the work of the Bureau of Animal Control for doing the tough job of removing these unfortunate cats from an inhumane environment. For more information on collectors, please go to
*Send e-mails to Letters@PilotOnline.com. Please include your name, address, and phone numbers for letter verification.
*Most large newspapers demand exclusive letters, so when submitting a letter to more than one publication, please vary the wording.
(Yea, we wouldn't want anyone to think that P.E.T.A. is actually telling you what to say.)
*Please let us know if a publication prints your letter(s) so we can share your success with other writers.
(And claim the success for P.E.T.A.)

*Please do not use any exact wording from this alert in your letter. If the editors notice similar wording in different letters, they are unlikely to print any of them.
(So, your letter writers can't think for themselves? That's insulting.)
*Please respond to these action alerts within 48 hours, as they are time-sensitive.
*Please do not forward any action alerts or cross post them on any listservs.
(What's the matter here? Isn't P.E.T.A. responsible enough to want anyone to know they're behind something, or is their purpose to deceive newspaper editors into thinking that P.E.T.A. isn't behind this smear campaign?
No, P.E.T.A. would have their members make fools of themselves so P.E.T.A. can claim they're innocent.)

*For a complete list of PETA factsheets to help you with your letters, go to http://www.peta-online.org/cmp/act-facts.html
*These factsheets are not copyrighted and you are welcome to use any of the text in your letters.
For PETAs Guide to Letter-Writing, please go to http://www.peta.org/alert/tkit.html
(So P.E.T.A. actually feels that they have to tell they're members how to write a letter?)

Thanks for all your efforts in behalf of animals!
(But don't worry about silly things like facts, it's not as though P.E.T.A. would ask anyone to say or do anything crazy!

Did P.E.T.A. Forget Something?

Like telling the members of their network the facts about the love and care that Linda Johnson gave her cats. Have they forgotten or do they even care that none of the news stories told of the unsanitary conditions that P.E.T.A. is implying existed in the Johnson home? Have they failed to mention the tens of thousands of dollars Linda and Larry Johnson spent to give their cats proper Vet care?
Or does P.E.T.A. prefer the cages at Virginia Beach Animal Control for these cats where they receive the kind of care animals are usually saved from?

Perhaps P.E.T.A. really means:
People Exploiting The Animals

If P.E.T.A. wanted to help these animals, they would:

Linda Johnson's home was stormed and her cats seized on January 25th, 2004, but P.E.T.A.'s E-Mail Alert didn't go out untill March 3rd, 2004. Since P.E.T.A. is based in Norfolk, Virginia they had to know of this story long before March.

So what's their motivation? Could it be that Virginia Beach S.P.C.A., Virginia Beach Animal Control and P.E.T.A. are all working together to smear Linda Johnson in the hope of tilting the scale of justice against her? If the evidence is so compelling, why would Virginia Beach Animal Control or the S.P.C.A. need P.E.T.A.'s help in an attempt to sway public opinion?
What is more, how desperate do you have to be to ask a radical group of extreamists like P.E.T.A. for help!?

Is Virginia Beach Animal Control and the Virginia Beach S.P.C.A. that desperate, or do they realize that their actions and attitudes are wrong?

If P.E.T.A. wanted to help these animals, they would:

Try and convince Virginia Beach Animal Control that confining these cats in cages for two months isn't good for them and that they need to be returned to Linda Johnson.

Or at the least, try and convince the courts to allow people to foster these cats in homes where they will be cared for untill the court makes a determination about thier fate. This would allow Virginia Beach Animal Control to make room for more cats that have been lost, abandoned or strayed.

But these ideas would make too much sense for P.E.T.A. to advocate, it would also require P.E.T.A. to gather more facts about this particular case before smearing someone who hasn't even been convicted of a crime at this point.