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We are of the opinion that once you consider all the facts, you'll agree that Linda & Larry Johnson have been wrongly accuse by over-zealous Virginia beach Animal Control Officers and that her cats are being punished as well.

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Linda & Larry Johnson are decent, law abiding people who have had their lives turned upside-down by Animal Control Officers who didn't even complete an investigation before acting on the word of the only person who complained about the Johnson's. Think about that:

For over 20 years, Linda and Larry Johnson have been saving homeless cats and this is their reward from the City in which they live.

If you can help Linda & Larry with encouraging words or perhaps a small donation to offest their legal expenses, it would come at a time when the City of Virginia Beach has unlimited resources to litigate the Johnson's into financial oblivian for no other purpose than to, as Gloria Foerst put it, make them "sorry".

Your assistance will help Linda & Larry carry on a fight that if lost, Private, Home-Based Rescue Groups will be at risk of disappearing.